Body Oxytocin Molecule from Fairy Positron
Body Oxytocin Molecule from Fairy Positron

Body Oxytocin Molecule

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Behold the bonds of the molecule that helps us bond with our geek babies!

Oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and has a role in psychological and physiological processes in the human body. It acts on our ability to bond with others, our social interactions, and our mood.

This biochemistry-inspired design takes oxytocin's chemical structure and converts the elements into colour-coded hearts (O = red, N = blue, S = grey, OH = pink, NH2 = yellow, NH = green), demonstrating oxytocin's powerful ability to help people connect with each other. It helps moms bond with their babies, and facilitates childbirth and milk production. It's often called "the happy hormone" because of how it helps people connect within groups and with partners. Since it also helps create trust between people, we think it's the perfect design for your little one!

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  • 1x baby bodysuit
  • color: white/red
  • features expandable shoulders to easily change squirmy babies
  • button snapped bottom + stretchy fabric = easy diaper changes!
  • made from 100% organic cotton, high-quality fabric
  • manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes
  • screen-printed with oxytocin molecule design
  • tag-free
  • preshrunk
  • wash at 30°C, tumble dry low or hang to dry
  • made ethically and with love in India

More about the brand Svaha.

Ursprung: Fairy Positron

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