Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses from Urban Goddess
Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses from Urban Goddess
Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses from Urban Goddess
Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses from Urban Goddess
Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses from Urban Goddess

Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses

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Siegel: Global Organic Textile Standard Peta approved

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The organic yoga top Good Karma Urban is a beautiful yoga top made with 100% organic cotton. The fabric is wonderfully light, but double layered. So this top will breathe with you, but show no underwear or nipples. So you can step on your mat and focus on your yoga practice, with or without a (sports)bra.

Ursprung: Urban Goddess

Yoga Top Good Karma – Coral Kisses

The Good Karma is a beautiful yoga top made from 100% organic cotton. The fabric is quite thin, but comes in a double layer. That allows the shirt to ventilate and breathe with you, but it keeps you covered as well. Nothing will show through the fabric, so feel free to enjoy your yoga practice without a (sports)bra, if that’s your thing.

Wear the neckline up high or open it up a bit, it’s all up to you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, which you definitely will with this top. We love the Good Karma top for non-yoga outfits as well. From glam to casual, the Good Karma top is versatile enough to complete any outfit.

The origins of the Yoga Top Good Karma

Karma means action and universal law shows that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is action and consequence, or reap what you sow if you will. People often think Karma is some great judge that will come and get you when you’ve been ‘bad’, like a fairy tale for grown-ups. But really it is a concept that explains that every action has a result. Your entire life is really the unfolding of karma.

Our Good Karma yoga top is a reminder to make conscious good choices, for yourself, for others and the world in general. As Lao Tzu beautifully put it; ‘ Simply see that you are the centre of the universe, and accept all things as part of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth.’

About Urban Goddess yoga wear

We only use certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear (GOTS). That is why you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics. And at the same time, we all contribute to a healthier environment and happy and healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly.

We know how annoying it is to get itchy or distracted because of care labels in your clothes during your yoga practice. That’s why we don’t have them. We use stamps instead for all of our yoga wear. Simple!


XS (34/36)


M (38/40)

L (40/42)

XL (42/44)

XXL (44/46)

Our model is 1,73m and wears size S.

Colour: Coral Kisses. Also available in other colours, like Urban Black, Indian Desert or Earth. Or check out all our yoga tops.

Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Love your Urban Goddess yoga wear and it will love you back:

  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not tumble dry

Urban Goddess ist eine Yoga-Marke aus Amsterdam, die multifunktionelle Yoga-Kleidung herstellt. Die Kleidung lässt sich leicht mit deiner Alltags- Garderobe kombinieren, was das Leben so viel einfacher macht.

Alle Kleidungsstücke von Urban Goddess werden aus GOTS-zertifizierter Bio-Baumwolle und aus OCS-zertifiziertem Bio-Bambus hergestellt und unter fairen Bedingungen in der Türkei hergestellt. Sie arbeiten dort mit einem festen Partner zusammen, mit dem sie seit Jahren eine Beziehung aufgebaut haben. Sie besuchen ihn oft, um sicherzustellen, dass die Arbeitsbedingungen der Mitarbeiter gut sind. Die Produkte sind komplett vegan und tragen das Peta-geprüfte vegane Qualitätszeichen.

Es ist für Urban Goddess sehr wichtig, dass Kleidung recycelt oder weiter verwendet wird, wenn ihr erster Lebenszyklus vorbei ist. Aus diesem Grund kannst du deine abgetragenen Urban Goddess-Einkäufe gegen einen Rabatt von 20% bei deinem nächsten Einkauf an Urban Goddess zurücksenden! Sie sorgen dann dafür, dass die Kleidung ein neuen Leben bekommt. 


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