Bodysuit 8 bit Self-Rescuing Princess from Fairy Positron
Bodysuit 8 bit Self-Rescuing Princess from Fairy Positron

Bodysuit 8 bit Self-Rescuing Princess

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6-9 months


This princess geek baby doesn't need saving!

We think that princesses are pretty awesome, but we are big fans of the intelligent, capable variety. We love the princesses that pick up a sword and fight the dragon themselves, the ones that use their superpowers to defeat their enemies, or the ones that use their super intellect to solve problems! Besides, waiting around for a prince to save the day exhibits some pretty inefficient time management. This bodysuit features an 8-bit design to give an awesome retro look that celebrates the good ole days of gaming! Teach your princess to be a problem-solver. There are no damsels in distress around here!

This purple, organic cotton, baby bodysuit is screen-printed with a self-rescuing princess design featuring an 8-bit crown. The bodysuit features 3 layers of ruffles. Available in 6-9 months.

More about the brand Svaha.

  • 1x short-sleeved, purple baby bodysuit
  • features expandable shoulders to easily change squirmy babies
  • button snapped bottom + stretchy fabric = easy diaper changes!
  • made from 100% organic cotton, high-quality fabric
  • manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes.
  • screen-printed design featuring an 8-bit princess crown with the text, “Self-Rescuing Princess”, underneath in pink
  • tag-free
  • preshrunk
  • wash inside out at 30°C, tumble dry low or hang to dry
  • made ethically and with love in India

Ursprung: Fairy Positron

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