EUROP BELLY CHAIN from squïd studios
EUROP BELLY CHAIN from squïd studios
EUROP BELLY CHAIN from squïd studios
EUROP BELLY CHAIN from squïd studios
EUROP BELLY CHAIN from squïd studios



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  • FAT
  • LOCP
  • MIL
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  • FAT Fairer Handel
  • LOCP Lokal Produziert (Europa)
  • MIL Umweltfreundlich


This minimalistic and versatile sterling silver belly chain is perfect to give every outfit that little extra sparkle.

Recycled Sterling Silver
The body chain has a 7 cm extender chain at the waist part, so you can change its size depending on how much lunch you've had.


People usually differentiate between men's and women's sizes. We know all bodies are shaped differently and don't really believe in such a binary approach, but for ease of sizing we are using men's and women's sizes. But please let us know if you are unsure about fitting into the pre-made sizing and we will custom make the chain to fit you perfectly at no extra cost.

These are our pre-made sizes of the chains:

Women's sizing

Your waist measurements (measure at narrowest part):
XXS: <58cm
XS: 58-64cm
S: 65-70cm
M: 71-76cm
L: 77-84cm
XL: 85-94cm
XXL: 94+cm

Men's sizing

Your waist measurements (measure at narrowest part):
XXS: <71cm
XS: 71-76cm
S: 76-81cm
M: 81-86cm
L: 86-91cm
XL: 91-96cm
XXL: 96+cm

The chain is adjustable, you can increase the waist size of the chains by 7cm. If you want any different size, for example if you are a lot shorter or taller than average and need the neck part adjusted, just leave us a message! Our chains are made-to-order.

Ursprung: squïd studios

  • Female-founded
Material & Fabric
  • Recycled materials
  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Made in Europe

Handmade in Vienna and Munich

In order to bring attention to the wonderous maritime creatures that we have named our label after, we name all of our jewellery pieces after squid and octopuses.

The European squid, scientifically known as Loligo vulgaris, has three hearts and blue blood, a result of the copper-based molecule, hemocyanin, which carries oxygen. Interestingly, they can change color rapidly to blend in with their surroundings, using specialized cells called chromatophores.

We mail out our jewellery pieces, carefully wrapped in beautiful vintage art catalogues, posters, or magazines, that we collect and recycle. Using resources that are already out there strains our environment less, and also allows us to create unique and individual packaging so every order is it's own experience.

Our jewellery pieces are delivered in a jewellery box which you can use to keep your jewellery safe or you can reuse it to keep other small objects, like cool stones or seashells from a holiday, tiny love letters, or anything that brings you joy.

Squïd Studios was founded in 2023 by Anna, Natha and Pia. The brand celebrates sustainability, inclusion and diversity while creating empowering pieces.

Eco-friendly: Squïd embraces a circular philosophy. Even though your items should last a lifetime, they offer repair services and even host free repair & upcycling workshops in Vienna and Munich. Keep an eye out on their events page!

They use recycled Sterling silver, freshwater pearls and deadstock fabrics.

Fair & local production: The brand started with only handmade pieces handmade by the founder team. If you're ordering from Germany, the pieces will be made by Natha, while Anna makes the pieces for the Austrian market. However, they recently increased their range with jewellery made in italy. The clothing is made by Farhan in a small atelier in Vienna.


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