Linen Christmas oven mitt from AmourLinen
Linen Christmas oven mitt from AmourLinen
Linen Christmas oven mitt from AmourLinen

Linen Christmas oven mitt


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  • LOCP Lokal Produziert (Europa)
  • MIL Umweltfreundlich
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Linen oven mitt with heat-resistant padding. A beautiful and useful addition to the kitchen. Perfect as a Christmas present for somebody that likes to bake! This linen oven mitt looks like Santa's glove - a perfect accessory for every kitchen during the winter season! Limited edition for the Christmas period.

• Includes one oven mitt with heat-resistant padding (size is ~ 12x29 cm / 5x11")
• Finished with a loop for hanging
• Made from 100% European flax
• Stone washed for maximum softness
• Certified linen, absent from harmful chemicals

Ursprung: AmourLinen

Material & Fabric
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Made to order

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Did you know that linen is deeply rooted in Lithuanian history? Lithuanian brand AmourLinen puts a spotlight on the many uses of the material. Their passion for linen is reflected in all areas of the brand.

Fair & locally produced:  AmourLinen produces in its own factory in Vilnius (Lithuania's capital).

Eco-friendly: The linen is produced locally and AmourLinen has a zero-waste line where they sell items made from fabric scraps. They produce on a made-to-order basis to avoid overproduction.

Good cause: AmourLinen donates a structural part of its revenue to Blue/Yellow. This organization supplies drones, clothing, medicines, bulletproof vests and vehicles to Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers.

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