Marke: Cognitive Surplus

Cognitive Surplus is a small and sustainable label from the United States. They have already won several awards for their ecological and inclusive effect, including in the city of Portland and the state of Oregon.

Fair trade: Cognitive Surplus is committed to a sustainable working enivronment with an inclusive team of neurodivergent people and people with a physical disability. The suppliers are chosen and selected with great care for their ecological and social effect. Many of the products are made locally in the US, but they also work with suppliers in India (baby bodies) and China (shoulder bags and notebooks), who are either WRAP certified or self-audited by Cognitive Surplus.

Environmentally friendly: They work with ecological paints and Cognitive Surplus is based on the principle that you can compensate for the energy that you cannot save. They, therefore, compensate the CO2 for every order they send.

Good cause: Cognitive Surplus offers a fair and pleasant working environment for people with disabilities.