Marke: Kupu Kupu Lifestyle

Kupu Kupu (meaning Butterfly in Bahasa Indonesian) was founded by Puck, who has been living in Bali for years already. During the pandemic, she noticed how many locals were struggling after the borders were closed to international travellers to keep the virus out. At the same time, she started making clothing for her own family. When she met Putu, a local tailor who was now struggling to put food on the table, the two teamed up to create a community-driven brand. 

Eco-friendly: Kupu Kupu uses locally sourced fabrics. The items are made from EcoVero, linen and Tencel. They produce in small batches.

Fair production: Kupu Kupu calls itself a community brand. They collaborate with artisans all over the island to create their pieces. They also have a shop on the island, where you can shop the items in real life.