Marke: Mushie

Mushie products are designed to bring calm to parenthood. The brand was started by Levi and Mushie Feigenson in 2018 and has taken the baby product market by storm ever since. The combination of Scandinavian-inspired design made in an eco-friendly way while being relatively affordable proofed to be very popular.

Eco friendly: Mushie uses materials like natural silicone, organic cotton and wood. The products are free of toxins and are made to last. Their suppliers are carefully vetted on producing with as little amount of waste as they can. Mushie's goal is for their products to be passed on from sibling to sibling.

Fair trade: Parts of the collection are made in the USA and parts are made in Denmark. Mushie works with small suppliers and ensures fair working conditions by visiting their factories often.

Good cause: Mushie donates both with direct financial support and with product donations. Currently, they are collaborating with ChabadAid to build water wells in Nigeria.