Marke: TRUVAI jewellery

Truvai is a conscious jewellery brand that creates micro-batch collections handmade by master artisans around the globe.

Truvai means a lucky find; a chance encounter with something wonderful — The brand was founded by Canadian designer Jenny Lillian, who works with artisans in Kenya, Indonesia, and Afghanistan using traditional handmade techniques.

Eco-friendly: The design inspiration for each unique collection comes from the local and sustainable materials available to each artisan group — including artisanally mined gemstones, locally sourced pearls, recycled silver and even upcycled scrap metal which helps to keep the Kenyan artisans’ city clean.

Fair production: Truvai focuses on creating the maximum positive social impact with each artisan group. The collections are committed to sustainability, empowerment, and cultural preservation — offering artisans a pathway out of generational poverty in Kenya, supporting Afghan jewelers affected by conflict by offering them a global platform, and preserving traditional Balinese techniques that are being replaced by 3d printing and casting in Indonesia.

Good cause: Besides the economic developments through revenue sharing, Truvai also works with charities and NGO's throughout their supply chain. For example, the gems are sources with Turquoise Mountain; an NGO focused on the enhancement of the Afghan craft industry.