Marke: Un Denim

Un wants to unwaste Fast Fashion. Launched in July 2023, Un is determined to break sustainable fashion elitism.
Instead of letting fashionable denim rot in landfills around the world, Un collects these victims of overconsumption and gives them a new life, by refurbishing them and turning them into high-quality denim. From fashion-conscious to conscious fashion; that's the goal at Un Denim.

Eco-friendly: Un Denim focuses on circularity and uses denim to make new high-quality items. For a pair of Un jeans, only around 23 liters of water is required. Which is significantly less than the thousands of liters normally used in the process!

The brand also takes overproduction into account and uses as many of the materials as possible in the designs it makes.

Fair Production: The refurbishment facility is based in India, where they pay above the minimum wage.