Marke: Will's Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store launched in 2012 as a vegan shoe company. Since then, they've moved into fashion and other products as well.

The brand continuously reflects on it's operations to see where they can do better. 

Eco-friendly: The majority of items are made from vegan leather alternatives. Some are still plastic-based (PU/PE), but since 2017 they've introduced more biobased and recycled materials into their vegan leather. They have created a sneaker that's fully biodegradable and are certified carbon neutral.

Extra cool is that they have a take back scheme, where you can send back your old shoes to be recycled into outsoles for new Will Vegan's Shoes.

Vegan: As the name suggest, Will's is a completely vegan brand. It's PETA-approved.

Fair & local production: Will's Vegan produces in factories in Portugal and Italy, of which some are part of the Fair Wear Foundation.