High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim from Fanfare Label
High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim from Fanfare Label
High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim from Fanfare Label
High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim from Fanfare Label
High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim from Fanfare Label

High Waisted Recycled "White Trim" Jeans, Blue Denim

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  • FAT
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  • MIL
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  • FAT Fairer Handel
  • LOCP Lokal Produziert (Europa)
  • MIL Umweltfreundlich


Our recycled collection takes a product that would have been deemed wastage and repairs, re-purposes and re-designs them into new pieces. These pieces have all been made and re-designed from clothing that was wastage and would have gone to landfill, giving them a second life.

    These one-off pieces are special and unique to each individual. These beautiful pieces are handcrafted & made to order so please allow a maximum of 2 weeks before receiving.

    • Trimmed with white cord throughout the jean
    • High Waisted
    • Relaxed fit & rolled up hems
    • Blue Denim
    • Average trouser length

    These jeans are made from Vintage surplus denim. As they are up-cycled each pair can differ slightly in colour & fit. However, if you have a preference on jean style please do send us an email. Our jeans are high waisted "mom" style jeans, mid denim wash but if you prefer a different shape please let us know and we can organise.


        By shopping our jeans each pair saves:

        • 9500 litres of water
        • 34kg of CO2 emissions - similar to taking a car and driving for 111km
        • 1kg of waste from UK landfills
        • Supports 1.5 days of fair working conditions & pay, made in the UK by local artisans


        Hand wash or dry clean when necessary. Denim is not supposed to be washed in a washing machine when worn a few times please leave out to air.

        Ursprung: Fanfare Label

        Circularity, longevity and innovation drive the design of every one-of-a-kind creation at Fanfare Label and our award-winning collections are the go-to for those seeking seasonless, contemporary clothing.

        Fanfare Repurposed
        Our Fanfare Repurposed collection rescues textiles that would have been deemed waste and destined for landfills. We recycle, repurpose and redesign these pieces and transform them into style-led statement jeans you’ll wear for life.

        Sustainably Created
        Our Sustainably Created collection is made slowly from certified sustainable fabrics. We consciously choose our materials to ensure that each limited edition piece has an infinite life cycle and inspires a buy-to-last mindset.

        Both collections are ethically made in the UK.

        Ethics & sustainability are the pillars of the business. Fanfare Label pieces are made in ethical factories from organic & recycled materials. Even down to every thread, fibre & trim sustainability is considered, sustainability is a journey, and the brand is always looking for ways to improve.

        When you buy one of our considered pieces you are part of the Fanfare family & are joining us working on a solution.

        Fabric for Freedom ist eine englische Marke, die stilvolle Kleidung aus einer Kombination von umweltfreundlichen und recycelten Materialien herstellt. Sie verwenden unter Anderem Bio-Baumwolle und haben eine Kollektion, die nur aus upcycelten Stücken besteht. Fabric for Freedom nutzt außerdem auch Restmaterialien, die auch "End of the Roll" Materialien genannt werden und sonst weggeworfen würden. Die Kleidung wird in einer Fabrik im Vereinigten Königreich unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen hergestellt.

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        Lieferzeit: 8 Arbeitstage in der EU.

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