Celeste scarf from Moyocoyo
Celeste scarf from Moyocoyo
Celeste scarf from Moyocoyo
Celeste scarf from Moyocoyo
Celeste scarf from Moyocoyo

Celeste scarf


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  • FAT
  • MIL
  • ANF
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  • FAT Fairer Handel
  • MIL Umweltfreundlich
  • ANF Vegan
Zertifikate und Gütesiegel:
  • Fair Trade International
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The scarf is handwoven by Tejedores Andinos, an artisan community based in Jujuy, Argentina. Tejedores Andinos preserves the legacy of weaving through an original pre-Columbian technique on a backstrap loom. Each creation reflects the artistic skills of their ancestors and a profound connection to cultural roots. Read more

Ursprung: Moyocoyo

  • Female-founded
Material & Fabric
  • Regenerative farming methods
  • Organic cotton
  • Undyed Cotton

Llama wool is known for its exceptional quality, boasting fibers that are fine, strong, and resilient. Its natural softness makes it incredibly comfortable against the skin, offering a luxurious feel. Llama wool provides excellent warmth, making it ideal for cold climates and chilly winter days. Read more

The scarf is naturally dyed with walnut shells.

Über Marke

Moyocoyo comes from the Aztec word Moyocoyotzin which means "She who creates herself". The brand celebrates the craftsmanship of Latin American artisans and focuses on preserving cultural heritage.

Eco-friendly: The brand produces in small quantities and doesn't work in collections. The blouses are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that also carries a regenerative organic certification, meaning that they use regenerative farming methods to keep healthy soil.

Fair production: Moyocoyo works closely with local artisans, collaborating on design and integrating traditional techniques into modern pieces. The fabrics they use are Fairtrade certified. The embroidery is created by hand by local artisans in Peru.

Vegan: The brand doesn't use animal-derived materials in its products.

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