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Food for Skin was founded by sisters Angela and Cathy. Instead of 9-step skincare routines, Food for Skin keeps it simple: 3 products with an understandable ingredient list. The products are suitable for all genders, ages and skin conditions.

Eco-friendly: Food for Skin uses 100% natural ingredients such as vegetables, plants and seeds. Many products are extracted by upcycling. For example, the tomato oil they use comes from the peels and seeds of tomatoes from an Italian tomato sauce factory. Furthermore, the brand uses recyclable glass jars and is completely plastic-free. So no microplastics!

Locally produced: The products are made in the Netherlands from as many locally sourced waste streams as possible.

Vegan: Food for Skin does not use animal products and does not test on animals.

Good cause: 1% of revenue is donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation to support their research in microplastics.